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Academic English


The Academic English (AE) programme is offered at a variety of levels and is designed to prepare students for academic study at tertiary level. Academic English is a pathway programme for university foundation studies, including The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies at Academic Colleges Group (ACG), as well as the Foundation Certificate in English for Academic Purposes (FCert EAP).


The Academic English programme focuses on the language and skills required for successful study at tertiary level, including lectures, seminars, tutorials and research. The programme uses a communicative and integrated approach, and includes:

• Grammar and sentence structure
• Essay and report writing
• Reading academic texts
• Research skills
• Critical thinking
• Listening to lectures and note-taking
• Presentation skills and communication techniques
• Pronunciation

The Academic English programme develops independent learning strategies. Independence is encouraged in the online research component which can be accessed online externally.


Academic English is offered from the Pre-Intermediate level through to Advanced. Each course lasts 10 weeks with 200 contact hours and an additional 20 hours of optional weekly workshops to support the main programme.

Starting at the Intermediate level, Academic English students will have an option to combine the Academic English study with either IELTS Preparation or University Preparation. At the Advanced level, students will have an option to combine the Academic English study with either IELTS Preparation or English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP).

University Preparation or IELTS

University Preparation takes 100 hours of intensive study designed to prepare students with the language and skills to participate in university seminars and tutorials, as well as research skills that culminate in a presentation on their research essay.  IELTS Preparation takes 100 hours of intensive study of key skills and strategies associated with the IELTS exam. 

English for Specific Academic Purposes

English for Specific Academic Purposes has three streams, based on student demand: Humanities, Commerce, and Science & Engineering. These streams prepare students for undergraduate or postgraduate study in their chosen faculties. The content of these streams has been developed in conjunction with the faculties and reflects the academic expectations and assignments set by the lecturers.

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