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At The University of Auckland English Language Academy, we will improve your ability to handle everyday situations in English. Our English language courses will help students to develop... read more

Group Programmes

The ELA can provide short courses and study tours to suit different groups. Such courses can be tailored to meet individual needs for periods ranging from two weeks or longer for groups of any size. Group programmes may either be closed groups or integrated groups, or a mixture of both.... read more

Welcome to IELTS at the ELA!

The University of Auckland English Language Academy (ELA) is an accredited IELTS test centre and New Zealand's largest provider of the IELTS Examination, offering more than 35 tests per year. The IELTS centre at the ELA is also responsible for testing in the South Pacific.

The IELTS test is available in more than 130 countries. Since IELTS was launched in 1989 recognition for the test has grown significantly. More than 8,000 educational institutions, government agencies and professional organisations around the world recognising IELTS scores as a valid indicator of ability to communicate in English.... read more

Academic English + Study Abroad at University

The University of Auckland welcomes students from around the world to complete a year in our Academic English or Foundation Certificate in English for Academic Purposes programme and Study Abroad programme. You will be able to study and live in another culture, make new friends, gain international experience, build professional networks, learn another language and break out of your comfort zone – all while earning credits towards your overseas qualification.... read more


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