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Academic English

Academic English equips students with the skills needed to cope with university studies, including note-taking, academic report and essay writing, exam preparation, presentation skills and communication techniques. This course is available in four modules and runs full-time in ten-week blocks. Students can personalise half of their study time by focusing on either IELTS or university preparation skills.

Academic English covers the following skills:

  • Writing: academic styles, essay structures, paragraph writing, introductions and conclusions, cohesive devices, summary writing, editing, writing reports, academic conventions, and academic genres.
  • Listening and Reading: speed reading strategies, patterns of organisation, making local and global inferences, note taking, strategies to cope with unknown vocabulary, summarising main ideas, listening for stressed words and phrases, and synthesising.
  • Vocabulary/Language: academic vocabulary, prefixes and suffixes, review grammar tenses, focus on correct spelling, focus on grammatical accuracy, and variation in sentence patterns.
  • Speaking and Research: formal oral presentations, use of PowerPoint, referencing, and research strategies.

Successful completion of Module 3 or 4 enables direct entry to the University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies at ACG or the Taylors Auckland Foundation Year (AFY) programme, subject to provider approval.

Entry Requirements:

  • Module 1: A score in the Placement Test equivalent to Academic IELTS 4.0 with Reading and Writing bands 4.0
  • Module 2: A score in the Placement Test equivalent to Academic IELTS 4.5 with Reading and Writing bands 4.5
  • Module 3: A score in the Placement Test equivalent to Academic IELTS 5.0 with Reading and Writing bands 5.0
  • Module 4: A score in the Placement Test equivalent to Academic IELTS 5.5 with Reading and Writing bands 5.5 

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