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English For Teaching - TESOL (TKT)


The ELA offers a full time 10-week programme English for Teaching - TESOL course in preparation for the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) and TKT Practical Test.

The programme is designed to enhance students’ English language awareness and ability and provides the teaching skills required to become a communicative teacher of English.

Why English for Teaching?

  • Enhance your own English language ability through language development sessions covering all aspects of English
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of English and the teaching of English by participating in small teaching practice groups, peer teaching and feedback sessions
  • Learn to teach English communicatively from highly experienced and qualified TESOL trainers
  • Experience real teaching practice equipped with the latest methodology and best practice for language learning and teaching
  • Observe ELA’s best teachers in action with 10 hours of live observations
  • Take part in advanced level language workshops with other ELA students
  • Prepare for both the written and practical examinations with intensive exam study and guidance from our trainers
  • Enjoy the use of our resources and the ELA Study Centre for self-directed study
  • Receive internationally recognised certificates from Cambridge ESOL for TKT Modules 1, 2 and 3 and the TKT Practical Examination

Why a Ten Week Programme?

This approach offers numerous advantages over more traditional shorter 4 or 5-week programmes:

  • More focus on your own language development in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the four skills of speaking, reading, listening and speaking
  • More enhancement of your own language ability
  • More time to practice communicative approaches to teaching
  • More time to observe and learn from expert experienced trainers
  • More time to prepare for the TKT exams and greater chance of success
  • More enjoyment of the whole experience

Course Facts 

Recommended ages: 18+

The English for Teaching - TESOL (TKT) course is designed for candidates who

  • Are looking to improve their language ability: grammar and vocabulary, and speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • Have little or no previous English language teaching experience or teaching experience but little formal training
  • Are not native English speakers
  • Would like international recognized TKT certificates from Cambridge ESOL

The total hours of study:

  • 200 contact hours with highly qualified and experienced teacher trainers
  • 10 hours of live observations of experienced ELA teachers
  • 10 hours of English language workshops
  • 100 hours of self-directed study
  • 50 hours for assignments
  • TKT Modules 1, 2 and 3 Written Examination
  • TKT Practical Examination

The Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

The course ends with the Cambridge TKT Module 1, 2 and 3 examination and TKT Practical test. Each of the core modules consists of a multiple choice test of 80 questions, lasting 80 minutes. The practical test takes the format of 40 minutes of assessed teaching practice. The tests cover:

  1. Language and background to language learning and teaching
  2. Planning lessons and use of resources for language teaching
  3. Managing the teaching and learning process
  4. Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  5. Knowledge about Language (KAL)
  6. Classroom management and teaching skills

This solid grounding in teaching is a well-respected qualification that is internationally recognised.

Course Fee

NZ$4970 includes text book and examination fee for TKT Module 1,2,3 and TKT Practical

*Fees are subject to change.

Course Date 2014

Duration: 10 Weeks Full-time
Start Date:  22 September 2014

Application & Requirements

Applicants do not have to be native speakers of English, but must have an excellent all-round command of English. Applicants need to have a minimum level of English corresponding to Upper Intermediate or the equivalent IELTS (Academic) 5.0 overall, with no less than 5 in writing. The IELTS test score must be not more than 12 months old from the course commencement date. All applicants will take a placement test at the ELA prior to commencement as part of the orientation programme. Please note that this course can only be offered if there is a minimum number of students.

Please click on the "Apply Now" button if you have a valid IELTS test result to apply.

If you don't have a valid IELTS test result, you may apply for this course by taking the ELA Online Level Test as the first out of three simple steps. Please see below the three simple steps.

Step 1

Take the ELA Online Level Test (Test result will determine if you are at the recommended level to apply for the course and to proceed to Step 2)

Step 2

Once you have achieved the programme entry level (Upper Intermediate or above), you will be required to contact the Course Coordinator by email which will be provided on your Online Level Test result message. The Course Coordinator will send you an application form together with further instructions and a Writing test, which should be hand written and scanned for submission.

Step 3

When you have passed the Writing test, the Course Coordinator will contact you by telephone to complete the application process with a telephone interview. You will be notified instantly after the interview if you have been offered a place in the English for Teaching - TESOL (TKT) course.

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For further enquiries, please contact the Course Coordinator by email at tesol@ela.auckland.ac.nz

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