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Free English Lessons

These free lessons are taught by teachers who are on a teacher training course.  Students will benefit by:

* Practising speaking

* Improving listening

* Learning new words

* Improving reading

* Meeting new people

If you have attended 80% of the lessons, an attendance certificate (showing your language level) will be awarded to you at the end of the course.

We are looking for Pre Intermediate and Upper Intermediate students only

January 2017

Lessons will run every day (Monday - Friday) from 2 - 4pm. We are located at 67 Symonds Street, Level 5. 

February 2017

Lessons will run Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm - 8pm for 10 weeks. 

How to apply

Please complete the online placement test through the link below to confirm your level. Please note that we are only offering places to people who are available for the whole 4 weeks.


Please email a copy of your online placement test result to Kathryn Delaney at celta@ela.auckland.ac.nz

Places are limited!

Note: These free lessons will only run subject to the minimum number of students in the teacher training programme. 

Dates and Fees

Click here for information on our programme dates and fees.

Contact Your Local Agent

Click here to find a local agent for enrolment assistance.

You are welcome to call us from Monday to Friday, between 8am-5:30pm New Zealand time. Our dedicated staff will assist you with your enquiry.