Essential Information


You will be placed in either the Morning Session or Afternoon Session depending on your level of English. All students receive 20 hours of tuition per week. Students at higher levels of General English and Academic English have two hours of elective classes per day, while students at lower levels focus on building their key language foundations in the elective class.

Students choose their elective classes upon arrival at the ELA.


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Student Visas 

Depending on your nationality and length of study, you may need to apply for a student visa before entering New Zealand. Full details on the necessary reporting requirements are available through Immigration New Zealand, and can be viewed at:


Visa renewal assistance

The ELA Enrolments team can assist you with ELA student visa extensions and any queries.


Travel and Health Insurance 

All international students are required to have insurance while studying in New Zealand. The ELA uses Allianz Global Assistance NZ Ltd as its preferred insurance provider. Enrolled students will be charged Allianz’s Studentsafe University insurance premium when enrolment is completed. The Allianz Studentsafe University insurance fee must be paid unless the ELA approves the use of an alternative insurance provider. You are required to have approved insurance for the duration of your study, regardless of the type of visa you have. Your insurance cover is automatically renewed when you re-enrol in a course. If you have an insurance policy that is compliant with the requirements of the New Zealand Government’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, you will need to submit evidence of compliant insurance cover to qualify for an insurance fee waiver. For a list of compliant policies and further information, please see here