Academic English

Entry requirements

Academic English will help you improve your English language skills to prepare you for study success at university.

This course provides you with opportunities to develop your independent learning strategies and individual needs in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Depending on your preference, the course can focus on university preparation or IELTS preparation.

You will develop the language and academic skills to help you progress to the next level of English, move to one of our pathway courses, or transition to your destination programme.

A course for students interested in studying General English prior to their Academic English course can be arranged.

Course length
Students can take more than one block of 10 weeks depending on their needs. Each block is 10 weeks; except Summer School, which is 7 weeks.

Total hours
200 hours; Plus optional workshops available in Blocks 1 - 4 (January - November)



  • You will be tested on your first day to determine your class level. There are four levels of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) offered, from Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • A recent IELTS score may be given as evidence of level, but if there is a significant difference between the placement test score and the IELTS score, the Academic English manager will determine the appropriate level for the student.
  • If you are below the level required for Introduction to English for Academic Purposes, your enrolment will be changed to the General English course to build your language foundations.


EAP Intro (IELTS 4.5) CEFR Level B1

EAP1 (IELTS 5.0) CEFR Level B1+

EAP2 (IELTS 5.5) CEFR Level B2-

EAP3 (IELTS 6.0) CEFR Level B2



  • No late starts are allowed for this course – students must begin on the Monday of the first week of the course.



$4,950 /10 weeks (200 hours)

Other costs & dates: ELA Dates & Fees




  • Students repeating the course need to confirm their place with the Enrolments Manager no later than the first day of the course.
  • Students who have confirmed their place may commence their studies no later than the Friday of the first week of the course. 
  • Students must pay the tuition fees for their Study Programme to ELA at least four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of their Study Programme, except in the following case: Students from the People’s Republic of China are not permitted to pay the tuition fees before INZ has granted “Student Visa Approval in Principle”

  • Please note students taking Academic English from 16th September 2018 will need to have their own device, i.e. laptop or tablet. 




“At the ELA, I have felt a real progression in my level of English. My fluency has improved and I receive constant feedback on my pronunciation from the teachers. A really nice part of this experience is that I have made a lot of international friends – after I finish at the ELA I have already made plans to visit my friends from Brazil!”

Pierre Montel, France