Homestay accommodation is a great way to learn about New Zealand culture and to practice your English in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Many students choose to stay in a homestay for the duration of their course. Others choose to stay for the first few weeks and then find alternative accommodation when they are more familiar with living in Auckland.

In a homestay you live with a family, have your own room, and main meals are provided. Most homestays are less than an hour away from the ELA by public transport.

Homestay Fees: $343 per week

Please note that an additional fee of $85 per week applies over the Christmas period.

If you have requested an airport pickup you will be met by a "meet and greet" service. You will be transferred directly to your homestay, your apartment or to the ELA. This can be booked with your enrolment.

For Terms and Conditions of Homestay please click HERE; for homestay enquiries please contact: 



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If you would like to live in an apartment we suggest you contact: 

Unilodge Auckland






Renting your own accommodation

"Flatting" in New Zealand means renting a house or apartment (flat) either on your own or with other people, and is common among those studying in New Zealand for extended periods.  Normally you have your own room but share facilities with your flatmates. Flats are generally advertised in newspapers, on student notice boards and the Internet.


In a flatting situation you pay for your rent, electricity, food and telephone costs. The estimated total cost ranges from NZ$450 to NZ$800 per person in Auckland, with NZ$275 - NZ$475 of this going toward room rent only. Internet costs between $60-$90 per month. You may also have to pay one-off fees for connection and/or router. You may also have to purchase furniture (flats are not usually furnished) as well as linen, crockery and kitchen utensils, and this can be quite expensive. However, if you move into a flat that is already established you may not need to buy all of these things.

Up to 4 weeks rent is required as a bond for many flats, and this is paid directly to the Tenancy Services. If you choose to get a flat through a Real Estate Agent there will be an additional service charge.