Group Courses

Each year the ELA welcomes groups of students from around the world, usually coming from a university, organisation or government body. Group courses can be catered to the institution’s needs and can include integrating students into a General English course or a closed group course or a combination of both.

Proposals for group courses can be provided on request - please contact



General English

By integrating into General English classes according to their English level, students can be given the opportunity to meet and study with other students from a range of backgrounds.

General English helps students to improve their ability to communicate in English in social and work situations. The course focuses on the development of communication skills with a balance of speaking, listening, reading and writing tasks.


Closed Groups

Closed group courses only contain members of the participating university or organisation. They have an intensive focus on English for Specific Purposes. Examples of closed group courses include:

  • General English
  • ELA & Study Abroad at the University of Auckland
  • English plus New Zealand Culture
  • Business English
  • Teacher Development
  • English for Academic Staff


Optional afternoon or weekend excursions are available and can be booked in advance and included in the quotation.

Options include:

  • Hobbiton (Lord of the Rings) movie set tour
  • Kayaking on Waiheke Island
  • Beach horse-riding and cultural activities
  • Weekend trip to Rotorua and Waitomo
  • Whale & dolphin watching