4 Ways To Keep Kiwi In Isolation 

With the long weekend coming up, enjoy these ideas on how to learn about New Zealand culture all from the comfort of your home. 

1.    Watch a movie produced by Kiwi directors
New Zealand might not have the same box office blockbusters that the US has but there are still some great films for you to check out (and continue to improve your English)! 

We recommend “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”, “Boy”, “Whale Rider” and “Sione’s Wedding”. 

2.    Check out some Kiwi musicians 
You have probably all heard of Lorde (I’m not going to sing Royals for you if you haven’t) – but we have some other great artists you should listen to. 

Six60, Broods, Flight of the Conchords, Opshop, Benee, Dave Dobbyn and Stan Walker have all been really popular over the years. A mix of pop and rock, it’s also a great way for you to improve your English! Have a look on Spotify, iTunes or YouTube for their most popular songs.

3.    Make some Kiwi dishes
Wherever you go in the world, the best thing about visiting a new country is trying local dishes. Now that you’re stuck inside, why not try your cooking skills by making some dishes that Kiwis just can’t get enough of! If you make these for your flatties (flatmates) or homestay families, they’ll definitely be impressed! 

•   Pavlova – ‘pav’ – is a meringue-based desert that can be eaten all year round but is especially popular during the summer months
•   Kiwi Onion Dip is great for dipping chips 
•   Hokey Pokey – pure sugar and a lot like honeycomb – it’s popular in ice cream and chocolate but you can make your own and add it to plain ice cream, biscuits or maybe even brownies
•   Southland Cheese Roll – bread and melted cheese, what more could you ask for? 

4.    Learn some Kiwi slang or Te Reo Māori
New Zealanders have some very funny sayings and NZ also has two national languages, English (which you are learning) and Maori. There’s lots of blogs, vlogs and websites that can help you with both of these, but I’ve linked some people to get you started. Why not test your friends or teacher’s knowledge when you next to talk to them? 

  • KJ Apa (NZ actor who has recently starred in Riverdale) gets you started with some NZ slang HERE.
  • "Starting In Te Reo Māori" is a YouTube channel with easy advice on learning how to learn Aotearoa’s original language HERE

Whatever you get up to, be sure to send your videos photos to our Instagram or Facebook accounts with #ELABubble so we can share it with fellow students and teachers! 

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