Auckland is a Melting Pot | Thursdays with Towa

Hear what life was like for Japanese student, Towa, and what he got up to in New Zealand in the 6 months he studied English with us in our Thursday entries. 

Hi everyone! Thank you for reading this post! I am Towa and I'm from Japan. The reason why I am in this post is because I wanted to share my experience for you guys who may consider about studying at ELA. I'm sure you are now curious about this New Zealand life, which I was before coming here as well. I would love to help you by sharing my experience in Auckland so that you can have an idea about it and realize how sweet this city is. This series consists 8 posts and hopefully I can provide as much valuable information about Auckland as I can.

 First, I would like to introduce Auckland as a multinational city. Do you know the expression of "melting pot"? It is the metaphor that describes the gathering of those who are from different backgrounds and different countries. The first time I walked the city streets, I was surprised. I could see the gathering of people who were from different continents, such as Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle-East, and Latin-America. People just admire each other no matter what their nationality is, which is far from race prejudice. This situation also relates to the ELA. Your classmates are from different countries from you, which is a great chance to broaden your horizon. I am now satisfied with having a lot of fantastic supportive friends who are from different backgrounds. I am sure you can widen your mind by tackling cultural differences, which is not tough but fun!

I have included this video which shows local Aucklanders enjoying their every day life here. Please feel free to watch this and feel close to Auckland!

The next time, I would like to provide you with some sight seeing places in Auckland. Thank you for reading this article. See you later!