University Pathways

University Pathway

University Pathway Undergraduate Programmes


ELA’s undergraduate pathway programmes are designed to prepare you for your university studies through English. 

These are direct entry programmes. This means that when you successfully complete them with the required grade, you will meet the English language requirements for entry to the University of Auckland and a range of other tertiary institutions in New Zealand1.   

There are three programmes available to choose from. The most suitable programme for you will depend on your current level of English.  

In these programmes: 

 You will learn skills and strategies to:
  • understand types of research methods  

  • do primary research and report on your findings  

  • use secondary research and report on findings  

  • write different types of essays and reports for undergraduate levels of study  

  • include information from reading in your writing  

  • paraphrase and use citations  

  • self-edit your writing  

  • read and understand introductory academic texts 
  • improve your general listening skills  

  • understand how lectures are organised   

  • follow and cope with lectures, and group discussions  

  • take notes about main ideas and key points from lectures  

  • communicate confidently in conversations, discussions and presentations  
  • increase your range and use of academic vocabulary and  key grammatical structures   

 Study Skills
  • understand your strengths and weaknesses as a language learner  

  • be a self-directed learner  

  • use technology and software to find, organise, and present information effectively  


1Conditions may apply with some programmes - please enquire with the Enrolment team for more information.