Top English Language Study Resources | ELA Tutor Tips

Most of our students love visiting the Study Centre, where you can borrow books and listen to audio books. With that not being a possibility for our online students and many students still wanting to improve their reading, writing and listening skills, we’d put together a list of resources for you to continue your English language education in remote learning

1. Read eBooks.

You can find them everywhere now – not just on Kindles or iPads! Did you know that on the Google Play store on android phones you can even find free eBooks to download. Or go online to to read classics like Dracula and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. There’s lots of free eBook sites and apps and some you can subscribe to for an annual fee.



2. Listen to audiobooks.

Again, there are plenty of resources out there for audio books (including free versions on the Google Play store). A lot of the apps and sites give you a free trial period with a monthly subscription after the trial period. Check out ‘audible’ or ‘’ for more information.

3. Listen to podcasts.

On both iPhone and android phones, you can download their podcast app and listen to thousands of different podcasts. Spotify also has plenty of podcasts (you may need to upgrade to premium for offline access). If you’re not sure what to listen to then go to At you can search by category for example comedy, film, politics etc.



4. Play against friends.

There are hundreds of free English language resources, but one that we think is pretty fun is an app developed by Cambridge English – ‘Quiz your English’. You can find this in the IOS and android app stores. Play against people from all over the world or invite your friends to play too. Earn points to go up the leaderboard, have fun competing against friends and improve your vocabulary and grammar in the process!

5. Practice English activities with Cambridge English.

On the Cambridge English website you can find over 150 free activities! Use the advanced search to work on the skill you want to focus on for example speaking, grammar, pronunciation etc, and the length of time you want to do the activity.