Mother's Day with my Kiwi Host Mum | Eden (China)

Hello everyone! I’m Eden from China and I’m an ELA Student Ambassador. Currently, I’m studying in the Foundation Certificate in EAP (FCertEAP) course for 20 weeks as an English pathway to university studies. I’m also currently living with a Kiwi family in homestay here in New Zealand. 

It is universally acknowledged that on May 10th is Mother’s Day. As a result, last week I decided to prepare a special dinner for my host mum. There is no denying that dumplings are a traditional Chinese dish. During the Spring Festival, it’s customary for Chinese families to make dumplings together. Therefore, I decided to make dumplings for my host mum in New Zealand as a Mother’s Day gift. I bought the vegetables and meat for to fill the dumplings on Saturday morning. Normally, dumplings are stuffed with pork and vegetables, but I wanted to prepare surprise ingredients for my host mum - lamb and carrots! I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon preparing the dumpling stuffing and making the dumplings. My host mum and I were very happy to eat the dumplings, especially my host mum! 

Although the dumplings were a small Mother’s Day gift, it meant something special to me because I miss my mother in China who often made dumplings for me when I was young. Since I am away in New Zealand from here now, it’s also a special way to also thank my host mum for taking care of me. 

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