Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Update: Thursday 30 January 2020

Confirmed cases of the virus have now been identified in China, Australia, USA, Canada, France, Germany and ten other countries.

No cases of the virus have yet been identified in New Zealand, however the Ministry of Health advises that the likelihood of that happening is “high” due to the rapid spread of the virus to other countries. It added that the likelihood of a sustained community outbreak of the disease in New Zealand “remains low”, due to this country’s readiness to deal with it.

The ELA will continue to take a precautionary approach, and will follow any infectious disease protocols advised by the New Zealand Ministries of Health and Education. Our aim is to minimise the spread of the virus if it does reach us and to support those who might be affected by it.

This is rapidly changing situation, so the following FAQs here will be updated regularly as we identify issues and learn more about this virus. The University of Auckland has a dedicated web-page on the virus situation including what cautionary measures you can take; please read here.