New ELA and Flywire Partnership

The ELA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Flywire to enhance the security and efficiency of international tuition fee payments for our English language courses. 

Serving over 2,000 education institutions to date, Flywire is a digital platform built on a world-wide payment network and web-based administrative tools. The secure system allows the overseas transfer of funds from banks in a student’s home currency that is tracked in real-time via email and text without additional fees. This reduces foreign exchange conversion costs, as well as increases the variety of payment methods now available to an ELA student as Flywire accepts domestic bank transfer, debit or credit card payments. 

Once a student enrols for an English language course with the ELA, they can access Flywire’s platform and follow through 6 simple steps to send their tuition funds. Both student and the ELA will be notified once the delivery of funds has been made successfully. 

The ELA is committed to ensuring an international student’s learning experience in New Zealand is made as convenient and securely as possible, which starts with the initial enrolment and visa issuance process. With the help of ELA’s enrolments team and Flywire’s 24x7 multilingual chat lines, students can receive support with their payments at every stage of the journey. Learn more here.