IELTS goal for Nursing Registration | Chikako (Japan)

Thank you Chikako for sharing your experience with our IELTS preparation course. Best of luck for your upcoming exam and future career developments in nursing!

"I needed to take an IELTS preparation course as I’d like to become a registered nurse in New Zealand, and achieving an overall score of 7.0 is the requirement set by the New Zealand Nursing Council. Some students think that it’s impossible to reach 7.0, but my tutor at the ELA always encouraged us that it’s an achievable goal. I strongly recommend the IELTS preparation course at ELA, as there are not only highly experienced tutors but also friendly staff, and the Study Centre is a great place for students who are motivated to study. I really believe that the ELA will help you achieve your IELTS goals!"– Chikako, Japan