More confident and motivated in English learning | Kang (China)

Applications for the University of Auckland's International Student Excellence Scholarship open today and closes on the 20th April. Congratulations to former pathway student, Kang, who was awarded $10,000 towards his postgraduate studies in Media, Film and Television. To apply, go to Read about Kang's experience and tips below:

"Hello! My name is Kang, and I’m from China. I studied FCertEAP at the ELA, and will progress to the University of Auckland for Postgraduate studies in Media, Film and Television. During my time at the ELA, the teachers' conscientiousness, the exciting and pleasant teaching atmosphere, and the richness of teaching resources were all key factors to my English skills improving rapidly. A memorable highlight would be the friendliness of all staff at the ELA. My tutors used to smile at everyone who came into the classroom every morning, they taught us with patience and they encouraged us with warm feedback at the end of each assignment: “You can do it! And remember to relax”. It is because of their efforts that I am more confident and motivated in English learning than before. Also, my new friends from the ELA have given me the most selfless help whenever I needed it. In the end, all these unparalleled experiences has earned me the International Student Excellence Scholarship. First of all, there are many kinds of scholarships. You can inquire about the awards that meet your conditions for application. Second, your academic performance before you apply is essential. If you want to apply, please study hard from now on. Finally, letters of recommendation from scholars and mentors are crucial. I hope my experience can also help you! "