Efficient Online IELTS Test Preparation In Lockdown | Roberto (New Zealand)

The classroom has changed drastically for many institutions in the past few months, including the way test takers have prepared for their IELTS exam. We're glad to have provided an innovative study alternative during the period in which test centres are closed through SmartLearn Live. Roberto shares his experiences with our online test preparation platform where he receives live classes with supportive tutors & self-study resources while in lock down and working from home.

"I believe an IELTS qualification will increase opportunities for career development in New Zealand. Given the lock down situation in the past few months, I decided to search for online courses because it gives more time and flexibility to study around your personal commitments. The online IELTS test preparation classes by ELA via SmartLearn Live, allowed me to improve my English skills anytime and anywhere without disturbances like weather and traffic. I had a great time participating in the real-time virtual classes on the platform. It’s very easy to understand and it has helped me gain the confidence needed to take my IELTS exam when test centres open again."

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