SmartLearn Practice Collaboration | Ivyway (Thailand)

The ELA and Ivyway, a school in Thailand, have been collaborating on preparing IELTS test-takers through the new SmartLearn Practice platform. Here Pluck (Ivyway Managing Director) shares his thoughts on its benefits: 

“Our school's name is Ivyway, and we provide online IELTS courses in Thailand. Our courses are very unique as we start by assessing the issues that most students face, and then we develop the best solution for our students. Based on our studies in both offline and online classes, practice is a key factor for IELTS test takers. For this reason, we partnered with the ELA to offer SmartLearn Practice licenses to our students. It’s a reliable and well-designed platform and has been helpful for our students. 90% of our students say the difficulty level is similar to the official IELTS exam, and it helps students familiarise themselves with the computer-delivered test. There are other platforms in the market too, but the most crucial factor is that the ELA's SmartLearn Practice can provide us with high quality practice content since it is part of the University of Auckland.” 

More information on SmartLearn Practice, please see here.