Top 4 places to visit near Auckland City Centre | Thursdays with Towa

1. Mt Eden 

This is my favourite place. Mt Eden is located about 3 km away from ELA. You can go there either by bus or on foot. It has two distinct views depending on what time of the day you visit. During the day-time, you can enjoy the city landscape and spotting islands in the distance such as Waiheke Island. During the evening, you an enjoy watching the night lights. There is also an ice-cream shop not too far from the summit called “Casa Del Gelato”, which serves very fresh and delicious desserts.

2. Auckland Domain 

This is an enormous park close to the ELA. It has several playgrounds, lots of grassland, a historic museum, and an indoor garden. I personally spent a lot of time there because I belong to a running club, and we usually practised our tracks there. It takes only 15 minutes to reach from ELA so students can easily take a break at the huge park under the high wide sky.

3. One Tree Hill

What image comes to mind when you think about New Zealand? I used to visualise lots of sheep. One Tree Hill is the nearest place you can see live sheep from the City Centre. These can be spotted as you take a walk up the summit from which you can see all of Auckland city as well. This place is especially renowned for being an important place in Maori history. Hopefully you can learn about New Zealand's history as you take a walk amongst the animals.

4. Mission Bay 

Auckland does not only have famous summits but also beautiful beaches. Mission Bay is the most well-known beach in Auckland. You can enjoy the laid-back seaside scenery with lots of cafes to have lunch near-by. Also, there is a footpath from the beach to the Viaduct in the CBD, which follows the sailboats and was actually one of my best running courses while in Auckland.

Thank you for reading! Next, we will explore Northern Auckland. Catch you then!