Daylight Savings Ends in New Zealand

April is the middle month of autumn in New Zealand. The days become shorter: the sun rises later in the morning and sets earlier in the evening.

To make the best use of daylight, New Zealand (and some other countries) has a system called "daylight savings".

This means that everybody in New Zealand changes their clocks twice a year - forward by one hour in spring, and back by one hour in autumn.

At 3.00 am on Sunday, April the 4th New Zealand will change its clocks back by one hour.

ELA classes will continue to starts at 1.00 pm and finish at 5.15 pm NZT.

However, for online students, class times in your home country might change. To check what time your classes will start in your home country, you can use THIS TOOL. Make any necessary changes to the time and date for Auckland, then click the box which says "add another city or time zone" and type in your home country or city.

If you would like more information on daylight savings, you can visit the government website HERE.

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