Block 2 Graduation

On Friday the 18th of June we celebrated Block 2 Academic English and Pathways graduation!

It was a hybrid graduation with almost 100 overseas students joining virtually over Zoom, and the remaining onshore students attending in person.

We were even joined by a guest of honour - Vivien Li. Vivien completed her FCertEAP at the ELA in 2019 and has just graduated from the University of Auckland with a Master of Management. She gave an inspiring and motivating talk about her time at the ELA and how it helped her to progress into the University of Auckland and prepare her for her studies there. 

Many students exiting EAP3 will be moving on to the University of Auckland to start their postgraduate studies, which range from commerce to law to science to music, and everything in between!

A lot of EAP 2 students will be continuing to EAP3, while some are starting their undergraduate degrees at the University of Auckland. EAP1 students will be continuing to EAP2 in block 3 which starts on the 28th of June.

We wish all our graduates starting at the University of Auckland well, and are sure the ELA has prepared you well for university studies!