ELA Learning Hub

Update: 02 May 2022

New Zealand is reopening to visitors and students in stages through 2022.

While this is happening, ELA is committed to offering our range of courses on our campus at 67 Symonds Street.

We also want students who cannot come to New Zealand at the moment to have an opportunity to study these courses online from their home country.

To support all of our students, we are excited to announce that from May 30th 2022, we are offering our ELA Learning Hub at our campus in Auckland.

What it is:

ELA Learning Hub is our specially designed modern learning environment at 67 Symonds St.

It provides all of the benefits of a traditional language learning classroom. It also takes advantage of the latest learning technology and provides the flexibility needed for staff and students as New Zealand reopens its borders.

How it works:

At the Learning Hub, our students join their classmates and teachers for their lessons which are delivered online* via Canvas and Zoom.

Our students at the Learning Hub have the benefit of two live teachers: their teacher online and a teacher in the room. The Learning Hub teachers guide our students through their learning, answering their questions, providing feedback and giving them the support they need in real time.

The advantages:

Students at ELA Learning Hub have a full campus experience, including meeting students from different backgrounds, access to the ELA facilities and resources, as well as social and pastoral support.

The Learning Hub gives students the flexibility of beginning their studies from their home country and when the time is right, coming to ELA to continue their studies without interruption.

A further benefit of the Learning Hub is that if a student in Auckland is unwell and unable to travel to campus, they do not miss out on their lessons – they can simply join online. This helps us ensure we keep our students and staff safe during this pandemic.

Further information:

ELA continues to offer traditional classroom lessons for our closed Group Programmes.


*Laptops are required for our Academic English and Pathway programmes. If you are a General English student and do not have a laptop, ELA will provide you with a computer to use in our Learning Hub.


If you have any questions regarding ELA Learning Hub, please get in touch: ela@auckland.ac.nz