I want to teach English at a non-profit | Paula (Colombia)

Paula recently compelted General English with the ELA followed by the 4 week English For Teaching (TESOL) course. We caught up with her to find out how she found putting her English into practice by giving teaching a go. 

1.    Why did you choose to study the English For Teaching (TESOL) course after General English? 
I chose to study the TESOL course initially because I wanted to improve my English by using it to learn something else. Something that really lead me to take the TESOL course was the benefit of receiving an international certificate which will allow me to teach English around the world. I also decided to study at the ELA because it is part of the world-ranking University of Auckland.

2.       What was your favourite highlight of the course?
One of my highlights was the chance to learn through real life examples like observing actual ELA classes. This put the theories we learnt into practice through real teaching situations. Also our teacher was a good example as she taught through demonstrations.  

3.       What key skills did you learn from the course and how do you plan to use them in the future? 
I would say all the contents of the course are useful and essential to learn. But personally, I learnt about the different backgrounds to language learning. For example, the student’s motivation, what are their characteristics and how to manage that background in order to teach the students with the best approach. One of my goals is to use the skills I learnt by giving free English classes for kids in a non-profit organisation!

4.       What tips will you give students who are thinking about taking this course?
Don’t think too much about taking the TESOL course. It is worth it even if you are not totally into teaching as I was. You’ll learn useful skills and improve your own English. It helped me in my personal development; I understood my own way of learning so that I found out effective ways to study. And, I got more confidence using English. I strongly believe that you learn more when you teach!


To find out more about the TESOL (TKT course), please see here. First intake starts 16 March - 9 April 2020. 

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